English Homework – Friday 15th July

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Below are 4 games for you try and the link to the main website. They are to help you improve your spelling and grammar. Let us know how you get on!

Mr Tarry and Miss Lieberman

What are nouns?

The adjective detective

Verbs in Space

Contraction Match

Some more grammar games for you to try



Crosby Beach & Liverpool World Museum

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Below are a selection of some of the photographs taken on our trip to the beach an world museum. We had a fantastic time!

Take One Picture Week

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Well done to all of the children in year 4. Over the last 2 weeks, they have all been working hard on their artwork in preparation for the take one picture exhibition.

What part of our artwork have you found the most challenging?

Area and Perimeter of the Playground

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We managed to get ourselves outside after a busy week and experiment with area and perimeter. We used the trundle wheels to find the length and width of the playground and the netball court. It was good to work practically for a change!

Have you had the chance to find the area or perimeter of anything at home?

Year 4’s Visit to Cheadle Mosque

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Thank you very much to all the people at Cheadle Mosque who made our visit on Wednesday so enjoyable. We learnt a lot about the features of a Mosque, clothes that are worn and even managed to write our names using the Arabic alphabet!

Here are some pictures of our fantastic morning.


Finals Day pictures!

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Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Deforestation Homework

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Below are a couple of links to help you with your homework.

Deforestation Facts

Bitesize Video

Building a city – Lesson 1

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Yesterday, we cut out the exterior shapes for our buildings and began to papier mache. We chose to use papier mache to add strength to our buildings and make it easier for us in preparation for painting. Both classes worked incredibly hard! Here are a few pictures from the lesson.

Building Equipment

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This term, we are going to build our own city! Next week, we are going to start making our buildings so the children need to remember to bring in their empty cereal boxes, egg boxes, pastic bottles, milk cartons or any other materials they wish to use.

Once our city is complete, we hope to invite friends and family for a tour!

Maths Homework 29/04/16

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In preparation for next week’s maths, we would like you to take some time to sort different 2D shapes. Next week we will be sorting the different kinds of triangles, parallelograms, rhombuses, trapeziums and kites and these games will help you to become more familiar with their properties. If you aren’t sure what these shapes look like perhaps you could ask if you’re allowed to look them up so you’re ahead of the game next week.

Click on the link below. We would like you to play Polygon Sort and Triangle Sort.

Shape Sorting Games

Good luck and have fun.

Miss Lieberman and Mr Tarry



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